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methoni Hotel - Methoni / Greece
Holiday Property
Recreational Opportunities
Garden Facilities
Holiday Property
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Garden Facilities
Sports opportunities
Sports opportunities
Local Info
Local Info
Local Info
Sports opportunities
Sports opportunities
Hotel methoni
Amaris is a modern and intimate boutique hotel with a large pool area, a beautiful fragrant garden, and a location close to the beach in the village of Methoni in Pieria.

The decoration and design of the rooms and public areas of Amaris Hotel shows attention to detail. Accommodation comes with air conditioning, balcony, home entertainment system and fridge.

The pool bar serves refreshing drinks throughout the day and there is a playground for the children. Amaris Hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking.

Amaris Hotel is conveniently located near archaeological sites, as well as the natural beauties such as Edessa’s waterfalls and the rock towers of Meteora.

Visitors can explore the surrounding area, notable the Aliakmon River and the waterfalls of Edessa. The area offers plenty of hiking, mountain biking and trekking opportunities. Facilities for tennis, basketball and football are found within 200 metres from the hotel.
Furnishings and Number of Rooms
1. Sleeping areas 14 m², 1 Double Beds, TV, Clock Radio, Reading Lamp/Light, Bed Table, Dimmable
Rooms 25 m², 1 Double Beds, Bed, Fitted Kitchen, Dining Corner, TV, Coffee machine, Cooking Corner, Fridge, Bed Table, Clock Radio, Freezer, Toaster
Rooms 27 m², 1 Double Beds, 3 Single Beds, 1 Child Beds, Cooker, Bed, Dining Corner, TV, Coffee machine, Cooking Corner, Clock Radio, Daybed, Freezer, Toaster
Rooms 25 m², 1 Double Beds, 1 Baby Cots, TV, Clock Radio, Freezer
1. Bath and sanitary ware 9 m², Bath Tub, Shower, Daylight, Mirror, Hair Dryer
2. Bath and sanitary ware
Parken Private Parking on Property, Public Parking Area
Object heating Air Conditioning, Underfloor Heating
Entertainment and Communications Telephone, Fax, Internet Connection, TV, Computer, DVD-Player, Video Recorder, Hi-fi System, Cable TV
Additional Equipment Pool, Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Garden Furniture, BBQ, Iron, Children's Toys, Safe
Recreational Opportunities
 Casino  thessaloniki (50 km),
 thessaloniki (50 km),
 Restaurant  near hotel (50 km),
 near hotel (50 km),
 Places to visit  vergina (50 km),
 vergina (50 km),

Lending Facilities
 Tennis Court Hire  near hotel (50 km),
 near hotel (50 km),

Sports opportunities
 Basketball  near hotel (50 km),
 near hotel (50 km),
 Football  near hotel (50 km),
 near hotel (50 km),
 Canoe  near hotel (50 km),
 near hotel (50 km),

Local Info
 Sea  methoni beach (200 km),
 methoni beach (200 km),
 Town  tessaloniki (44 km),
 katerini (22 km),
 waterfoul edessa (75 km),
 airport thessaloniki (55 km),
 tessaloniki (44 km),
 katerini (22 km),
 waterfoul edessa (75 km),
 airport thessaloniki (55 km),
Railway Station aiginio (7 km),
aiginio (7 km),
Airport thessaloniki (55 km),
thessaloniki (55 km),
Seasons & Rental Rates
26. November - 20. December 425 EUR
21. December - 07. January 530 EUR
08. January - 31. May 425 EUR
01. June - 30. September 580 EUR
The seasonal rates apply for 2 Persons, For each Additional Person a Surcharge of 20 % / Week, Per Aadult - a Surcharge of 25 % / Week, Per Teenager - a Surcharge of 20 % / Week
14 = 1114 Tage Urlaub = 11 Days to pay:
ChildrenTo 8 Years logged 75 % Reduction
Young peopleTo 12 Years logged 50 % Reduction
1 EUR = 1 EUR
Price = Object/Week

Methods of Payment:
40 % Payment, Cash Payment, Advance Payment, MasterCard, VisaCard, American Express
40 % Kaution of the final price
Booking Enquiry
Streetag nikolaou
ZIP Location60066 methoni
Arrival: Sat, Son, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Published: 2010-11-25
Lounge Area27 m²
Garden Facilities2000 m²
10 x Rooms
1 x Lounge Area
17 x Sleeping areas
7 x Kitchen
17 x Bath and sanitary ware
17 x WC Only
Winter Garden, Balcony, Terrace, Veranda, Fenced, Sea/Ocean, Nature
No-Smoking Accommodation, Children Welcome
Contact person of this Object,
Number of Property: residenzo-691232

Mrs Eyaggelia syropoulou
ag. nikolaou 1
60066 katerini pieria
Tel.: 003 023530 51359
Fax: 003 023530 51359
Cell Phone:

Contact Times / Time Zone: + 02:00 Helsinki, Athen, Istanbul, Jerusalem

Mon - - Clock
Tue - - Clock
Wed - - Clock
Thu - - Clock
Fri - - Clock
Sat - - Clock
Son - - Clock

Languages spoken:

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